About MRC

About the MRC

Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium

The MN Resuscitation Consortium, at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, Cardiovascular Division is a statewide effort to increase survival from sudden cardiac arrest. Through partnerships and committees, the MRC strives to improve the systems based approach to cardiac arrest from bystander to pre-hospital to hospital response. The MRC is funded through the Lillihei Heart Institute and Medtronic Philanthropy’s Heart Rescue project. The Heart Rescue project is a multi-state project that serves to share best practices, expansion from centers throughout the state they serve and data collection process to determine baseline and progress in cardiac arrest care.

The MRC works in four key areas: Bystander, Pre-hospital and Hospital Response, Research, Survivor Support and Cardiac Arrest Data Collection. For more information and additional resources for bystanders and professionals, go to www.mrc.umn.edu.

“You can’t change, what you don’t measure”.

This is the basis for the partnership between the Heart Rescue teams and CARES, the Cardiac Registry to Enhance Survival. The CARES database is a nationwide database that supports the goal of increased survival from sudden cardiac arrest. The MRC provides a Minnesota CARES coordinator to give personalized training, offer support, and customized reports for agencies participating in CARES, while maintaining confidentiality. The data captures the specific epidemiological characteristics for cardiac arrest survival outcomes and therapies. It centralizes data collection and processing at the MRC in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health. http://mycares.net